im sure this has been asked in this forum loads of times but i couldnt find anything form the search, just my thread which they told me to post in this section

anyway...i love my ds-1 so i want to mod it
can anyone give any good instructions for it?
how much would it cost?
how hard is it to do?
how much of a difference does it make and what is that difference?
would it still sound good for nirvana, pearl jam, red hot chili peppers, led zeppelin?

thanks a bunch
i know its the keeley mods (are there others) i need instructions for them which are good, plus my questions answered
dont worry my dad can solder alright
Oh, I actually dont know if there are others, I would google it to find out, I'm sure there are. But typically mods are there give it more presence, make it less shrilly sounding, make it cleaner gain, and give it more gain. The mods are pertty intermediate, there difficult, but not insanily hard for a beginner. I think there around $30-70 depending on the mod. Some mods I've seen just have you replace the entire board.
what do you mean...i can buy a set to mod it with?
or do you mean to buy all the parts separate ot will cost me $30?
The set comes with all the parts you need to mod it, but different mods have different sets of parts. Like the one mod I mentioned that had you replace the entire board, since Boss boards are a bit cheap, and had you add onto it.

Here, this is a example of what is done in modding a pedal, specificly the Boss DS-1 to the Keeley Ultra or All seeing eye mod.

thanks guys ill see which one to do
but would you rate bland's setup better than the normal one...seems good since it can be used in lead
I did chris' mods to mine (the mods in the thread blandguitar linked), and I liked it.

since then I've done a bunch of tweaking, but haven't found the sound I'm looking for, really..
i haven't tried the keeley mods to know how they compare, but ..I can vouch for chris' as being pretty good.
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