Okay, I've been looking around and I want a new amp.
I'm looking for an amp so i can try and get the same tone as Killswitch Engage.
I want an amp that tone and that can also sound really nice with the cleans
I'm looking to spend about £500 in total.

I don't really know much about the ENGL Amps or the Blackstar amps but iv'e heard good things about them, i've also been looking at the Peavey 6505+ Combo.

Which would be the best amp for me?

EDIT: Weird how I found I have exactly the same thread name as someone else, confusing :O sorry dude :P
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6505 will do your gain but not cleans. Blackstar series 1 has much better cleans, not sure about the gain, quite expensive also I think. Basically all i know, ENGL and laney are good value In Britain
The 6505 combo will do the metalcore tone good.
The cleans won't be amazing, but I've heard there better than the original 5150 (correct me if I'm wrong here).
Blackstar and ENGL amps will be a bit over budget I think.
Maybe a screamer combo? Don't really know a lot of engl's with a good clean channel though.
Sounds like the 6505 combo is right up your alley.
Well, I've got a Chorus pedal, so i know for a fact that'd improve my cleans. Sounds like a good idea though, cheers
My Engl Screamer combo has a really nice clean channel. You could get the Engl Screamer combo used maybe if youre lucky or saved up a bit more. Not sure if it could do kse tones though.