Hey all!
Just a quick question , im just about to order my guitar but stuck between the Ibanez SA160 and the SA260?
What are your opinions/views ?

160 : http://www.guitarandampshop.co.uk/acatalog/Ibanez_SA160_Electric_Guitar.html
260 : http://www.nathanrosemusic.co.uk/ibanez-sa260-371-p.asp

By all means , if you can recommend a guitar thats good for metal under £250 that would be amazing!

Regards , Zoof.
The BC Rich Beast Avenge is around £230, and being a BC Rich no doubt its gdd for metal
Well the SA260FM is around 250 and its extremly versitile, capable of any sound. I got one the other day (i havnt changed my sig yet) and its a beautiful peice of equipment.

I guess both guitars are really similar to eachother but i prefere the sa260

Ibanez SA260FM
Burswood Strat Copy
Marshall GV-2 Distortion
Crate FlexWave 120 Amp

Cheers , so would you say the best guitar for my money £250-£270 is the Ibanez SA260?
For metal, if you definitely want one of these two you'd probably be better off getting the cheaper one then switching out the pickups. The more expensive one is definitely more versatile, but if you play only metal it'd be a bit of a waste.
if that budget is a bit flexible (i.e. you can gather another £50 or so from your £270 original budget), and you don't mind going online (you can do your own setups etc.), i'd go with this:


I think it's the 500 model, though, not the 1000. But it's still a very good spec for the money. Best check they're not b-stock or something like that too, by emailing them- that's a very good price. I've only tried the 200 models, which have a lower spec, and they were nice (and going for £400 when I tried them).

They have 200 series models well under your budget, too, but if you can stretch to that one, it already has a lot of the upgrades (pickups) you seem to have been considering, and has better hardware, locking tuners and steel block trem etc..

EDIT: i tried the 200 series jet next to one of the ibanez SAs... I can't remember the exact model, but it was either the 160 or 260, and the lag wiped the floor with it, in my opinion, anyway.
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