So yesterday my guitar tutor recommended that I take the plate off the back of my strat styled guitar, and loosen the screws holding the springs, so that the bridge raises. This would enable me to easily add tremolo without the need for a tremolo bar.

I'm just wondering whether this would be a good idea, surely it would place more pressure on the body of the guitar, and also require lots of other adjustments?
I've just done it, and it seems to work fine, I'm just fiddling about with the intonation at the moment.
Will I need to mess around with the truss rod or anything like that?
if you prefer a floating bridge, you'll want to keep the string contact points lubed and the bridge balanced. or your guitar will fall out of tune easily.

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Back when I had 12 gauge strings my bridge would raise up a bit when I tuned to half step down [ couldn't eevvveeerr tune to standard ] and I kinda liked it cause it didn't raise up to where you could really notice but if you press down it'd raise the pitch of the notes enough that you could tell.

Buuut, there were a lot of tuning problems I had to deal with, but it didn't show much in way of damage to the guitar.. if it gets cold the bridge will shake while you're playing though.