So here is my current set up.

Completely modified squire with JB '59s
Ernie Ball VP Jr.
VOX V847 Wah
Boss TU-2
Boss CS-3
VOX Satcharator (Main distorted sound)
Ibanez TS9 (Solo boost/clean overdrive)
VOX AC30 (Normal Channel)
All Planet Waves Cables

I am looking into an A/B/Y Switch so I can use both my Normal Channel and Top Boost. I'm also looking into a delay, not sure which. DD-7s are great but the DL-4 has a ton more features. Plus an independent power supply like a DC Brick. Right now everything is Daisy Chained through the Tuner.

I play in a worship band, but my own personal band plays most alternative rock. Like Thrice.

I guess what I am trying to ask is what would you guys upgrade and what would you keep the same?
I looked at that too, but its a pretty big price jump from the DC Brick
Whirlwind ABY is a good AB box, you could also upgrade the chorus maybe to a Voodoo labs chorus. The wah could be better, try out budda and RMC. How much are you willing to spend?
Yeah ABY's come a dime a dozen so I really just need one that works. I could stand to switch out the chorus too, along pretty much everything else.
Yeah id like seamless switching, but I cant see my self buying an overly expensive one. Making one is a possibility too, if its cheap.
Is this all stuff I can buy locally? Not having a credit card makes buying things online nearly impossible.
Nope, I only ever have cash haha not even a debit.

Well I can only use the normal channel. I cant take advantage of the top boost because running the Satch into it sounds like crap. But even on the normal channel it sounds really really boxed in, I can hardly turn the tone past like 25% without ear piercing high ends. The compressor helps a little, but not enough. Ive looked at the MI Audio Tubezone, but its really hard to find locally. I also want to replace the TS9 with a BB Preamp.
Ugh there is a lot of tone I want. Andy Timmons has my dream tone, as well as Greg Howe, maybe some Govan too. Specifically for solo, for rhythm I like a really raw sounding tone. Listen to new Thrice for an example
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Here's some reeeeally really detailed info on the gear from the guys in thrice:

Timmons is the only one of those i can say I'm all that familiar with, and his tone is pretty hard to get with a Vox. It's really something he gets from his Mesa Mark IV's.
Yeah ive seen that page. No help I still cant get the sound without severely cranking the volume. An attenuator would help, but its more worth while to just buy an over drive. I actually can get a pretty similar Timmons tone with a BB and the Satch, but it could be way better.
Perhaps try a nice OD like the first version of the Danelectro Transparent OD? It's really cheap on eBay (it was discontinued) right now. It's basically a copy of the Paul Cochrane Timmy. It might be good for adding more clipping onto your signal without really changing the character of your tone.

Seems Timmons actually used some vintage Marshalls on the record:

In that case, something like a Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret might be in order.