I can get a crate v18 1x12 (18 watts) tube amp for $150, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. I have a windsor hs for dirty stuff, so i would want this for cleans. How does it sound, and does it have enough headroom to play jazz at gigging volumes (the real reason im wanting it).

also, what is the sound going on at 1:18 in this video? (i know the sound sucks but ive had problems with that noise) The only thing i can think of is intererence from my cell phone
why would you get an 18 watt amp for headroom when you have a 100 watt amp?

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I don't believe the Crate V18 will give you good cleans. I was just reading a thread on another forum where a V18 owner was asking about preamp tubes for lowering the preamp gain and getting better cleans. Maybe not the same, but I have a Crate Vintage Club 20 and it's a dirty amp. Very little clean headroom.

You want good cleans, get a Super Champ XD.
jazz at gigging volumes? Not from a british voiced 18 wattr, or the SCXD imo.

if you want good cleans on the cheap - look in another direction.

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