My friend wants to sell me this Bronze B.C. Rich guitar, im trying to find out what it's worth if anyone could help

he says it's a couple of years old but hes not sure exactly how old

the serial number is 42131426

The guitar looks exactly like this but I'm not sure if its the same one (mine has the word bronze at the top where this one doesn't)


any info would be appreciated, thanks
if its a bronze not alot
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£ is this the symbol for euro or pounds, lol sorry do u know what it is in U.S. dollars?
Given you're in America and the pound is bloody useless. The guitar new costs between $200 so given condition and age about $80-$120 is possible pending on whoever you sell it too pretty much.
I'd offer him $75 and a 12 pack of domestic, I like Miller...
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I have seen these sell for as low as $40.00 here on Craig's list I think the highest price on a used one was around the $100.00 range.



Bronze Series BC Rich guitars are the absolute bottom end of their line. I have seen them new for about $120.00 on sale. Most of the large retailers like Musicians Friend ask $199.99 but in all honesty IMO they are about $50.00+ overpriced.

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HAHAHA!! thats what it says for the pups on teh site
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