i need a new trick to play around with anyone have any cool things they do when improvising ?
i usually just wing it. i find the key, do some scales, octaves, move it up the neck and what not
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I like to mix the harmonic minor scale with the pentatonic minor scale when i solo. I also sometimes play two strings at a time to make a harmony. You could try tapping or sweeps too.
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learn your intervals and how they affect the music. Its the only way to not sound scalar and through in things that are suprising to a listener.
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any artists i can get some ideas from?

i listened to buckethead's live stuff, his solo's over songs like padmasana and soothsayer are like 80% improv, i learned a few licks he frequently uses, changed them a bit and like someoe else said, generally wing it
well, the trick is to listen and react. Whatever scales you know, you can bop around them in most keys, well, the shape at least. The pentatonic is a good one for adding any type of outside sound you desire.

But yeah, just listen. I had a guy jam with me once... he went all over the place, sweeping and tapping (like some suggestion above) all in key... but he sucked... cos he didn't listen.
There's no real trick apart from your ears doing their job... your hands working together in creating a groove and all importantly making the song sing itself, whether its an improv or a cover or whatever.

Boredom sets in because you are not applying yourself to the moment. Fancy shit doesn't cut it unless you have worked it in nicely into a piece. So I will re-iterate... Listen!
My old repost on how to improvise, it seems like the best way to answer your surprisingly vague question

I think you should take it back a step. If I said you were playing major/minor scales (instead of pentatonics) would I be right? Well take a step back and start playing the simple pentatonic scales.

Once you've learnt a few shapes (2 or 3 is fine) of the pentatonic scale, you probably should try to focus on what you feel is the right next note and play REALLY slow. Try to listen to some of those slow expressive blues solo's to get what I mean. Whilst doing this, try to become proficient at moving around the fretboard and between shapes. Aim to be able to slide between 3 or 4 notes on the same string.

Copying a singers phrasing and rhthym is generally a good idea to when learning how to improvise. And I dont mean metal singers/screamers, who sing really fast. Copy something slow. This is how people started writing those slow blues solo's. Think of improvising as singing with your guitar.

Doing this will get your phrasing (by copying those singers) and your technique (by moving between shapes) ready for doing some real solo's (as in, stuff that sounds good).

Than after you've got all that down and when you're good enough to say that you personally enjoy what you're playing (it took me a couple of years to enjoy my pentatonic wankery), you'll be ready to move on. Than study the major scale, the intervals behind it, the way these intervals create harmonic/melodic consonance and dissonance and watch melodic control by marty friedman. Pretty much look for and study as much theory as you can eat. And analyse solo's, ask yourself, why do they sound good?

At this stage you should start realising that the same note can sound better or worse over different chords and some notes sound better or worse when followed (or preceeded) by some notes. Exploiting this will enable you to control what you're solo's are going to feel like, instead of blindly looking for the right note.
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I try to play nice music that fits with whatever I''m playing over.

Maybe you should just start listening more?
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