Hi there, recently put these pickups on my custom strat and i've noticed the high e over powers the rest of the high end. The magnet for the high e considerably higher than the b and g strings. Anyone know the reason for this and has it botherd anyone else?

Cheers, Dave.
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Why don't you just lower the treble side of the pickup's height?

Think the problem i'm having is with the actual high e magnet so i'm guessing lowering the one side wouldnt help unfortuantly. Theres probably little i can do at all, i was just wondering if this effected anyone else really. I imagine its not just the vintage noiseless pickups that has this.
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It actually will decrease the output of the high E. Try it. All it takes is a few turns with a screwdriver...

It'll reduce the b and g strings also wont it?