Ok maybe not an award as such but a thank you and a cyber pat on the back i can ensure.
As a guitarist i usually find something of a solace and a peace in my istrument, in playing, writing, practicing etc, but lately, like maybe the last month, ive just not played at all except for actual band practices or gigs ie. when i have to.
at home i dont think ive played in about a month, whether its along with a cd or improvising or anything.
Does this happen to many musicians out there, and if so, how do you go about fixing it...so to speak.
is it a case of let it sit and itll come back , or should i almost force myself to play, and someday ill just feel the urge to again?
i find myself missing it, but unable to return to it
ive seen this before forcing yourself to play is only gonna make it worse!

i think you need new motivation, like a (new) goal
for example if you see or hear someone who's really really good and plays music that touches you, you could be like wow i wish i could play like that and start trying, the passion will definitely come back

you could also try your hand at new parts of music like if you used to not compose so much, compose a lot, if you used to not train your ear, train your ear, or play in a genre you usually dont play, or start a new band you can write music for in a different style

but maybe your overreacting a bit, i think if you stop playing for a week or so just only listen to all kinds of music you'll find it irresistable to play again

or maybe juuuuuust maybe guitar is not your instrument after all, you could give a go at another instrument

goodluck i hope you get your mojo back
Relax. It's probably just a phase. Frankly I'm not sure there is anything you can do. I've likely felt the way you are feeling now before and I simply practiced anyways because I don't play particularly for my own enjoyment, although I frequently do enjoy it, but because I have goals to achieve and limited time to do it in. But don't feel forced to play if music is nothing but a get away or a hobby for you. You'll in all likelihood return to it in time so go out and do something else and don't feel bad about it.

You could also try drinking a lot of coffee. Works for me.
cheers guys, it happens every now and again but its never gone on for this long. haha, if guitars not my instrument im pretty screwed with a hell of a lot of money spent on gear and 13years of my life wasted. ha, hope its not that,
bandwise ive never been more enthusiastic about my band and the music we play and the gigs were getting. its just more of a home practice thing. i dont feel the desire to play guitar anymore, to better myself, i think ive been kinda static for few years as reagards improvement.
tried a few lessons with different people a while back but it didnt seem to help much.
gonna keep workin at it and just hope sumthin clicks and i bust my balls to get back home, crank my amp and make the windows shake