I am mainly a bass player, and I mostly listen to metal, I've done a bunch of the speed exercises in the lessons section, and plan to do these everyday so I improve, but what can I do to supplement this while I am learning so that I don't just give up and go back to playing bass.
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Play songs. Get Guitar Pro and find a song you wanna learn. If it's too fast for you slow it down and practice that way. It adds flavor and gives you something else to get better at. Scales and chromatics get boring quickly, but when you practice songs before you know it you've been going for 45 minutes, and that on top of your warm-ups and speed building will give you a pretty nice practice session.

Just find what you like to play and do that. If it feels like work you're not gonna wanna do it.
Just find a song you like and try to learn it. It will give you something to work forward to. Scales and stuff like that, they are very good to learn, but can be very boring to learn. Until you use it to write something or play a more complex song, you don't really see the pay off. With learning a song, you can listen to the song and hear what it could eventually sound like.
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When learning guitar (as with any instrument) I'm sure you already it's very important to learn songs quickly so you will know you're getting somewhere! I was in your shoes as well. What the other posters have said couldn't be better advice. Scales and such are very important since all songs are built from them, they will teach you the notes on the fretboard and they will build your speed better than anything but they are boring as hell! I pick through scales whenever I'm not playing songs just for understanding and speed. Get Guitar Pro or Power Tab and download some stuff and just start playing. Slow down the music and practice. It is truly the only way to learn and stay motivated. Once you hear stuff that you recognize coming from the guitar your playing you're motivation will return in a hurry, trust me.

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