$200 budget.

All these guitars are used, and I'm browsing Craigslist:

$180 Yamaha FG730S + case
$200 Seagull S-series (in contact with owner to find out which S model)
$130 Alvarez RD20S

I'm still a beginner (3 months playing + lessons).

What do you think is the best deal?
i played a seagull all through high school and loved it. i would definitely recommend that one.
don't buy guitars by "best deal" - but guitars by which one sounds and feels best. i own 2 seagulls (one is an s6) and briefly owned the yamaha, and i like and recommend both brands. i've also tried out some solid top alvarez regents and they sounded very nice but had the narrowest feeling neck of the 3. not sure it actually was narrower, but sometimes neck shape can contribute. doesn't sound like you can go too far wrong here, although having a case is always a plus.

which one i'd buy would also depend on the condition of the guitar - check for cracks, bulging, bridge detaching, rust, straightness of the neck and sound before buying. deep scraches/gouges may have cracks that are hard to see, and guitars with signs of being too dry may have problems with cracking down the road.

btw, which seagull is it? the original s6 has a wider neck than the others, which is extremely nice for playing fingerstyle but may feel odd at first if you're used to a thinner neck.
The Yamaha was already sold. I'll be getting the details on the Seagull. Will let you guys know.
Ended up getting Samick (Greg Bennett) D2 for $250 brand new + case. Pretty happy