So my other thread got locked for some reason and I don't know if it's because I didn't have all the information needs or what.
Well here it is:
right now I have a Marshall MG bu I'm hoping to get a peavey tube or maybe a Mesa boogie if I can find one
I hav EMG 81/85
guitar:Kerry king v

I'm going to change what I'm looking for, I've decided that I want a pedalboard OR a pedal that would be good for metal like slayer, megadeth, behemoth, etc
I don't really have any budget bu I wouldn't want to spend more than $150, $200 at the max
I have a boss ds-1 and basically I'm looking for a good solid pedal/pedalboard that can play some heavy riffs. I think getting a distortion pedal or OD pedal would be best, I think
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