I am 20 years old and am an aspiring musician, I play guitar at an intermediate level (for 5 years) and am seeking to join a musical act/band. I am extremely passionate about music; I am looking for individuals as well as bands to join. Ultimately, I want to create brilliant, unique and original music. I am influenced by many styles of music such as Hard Rock, Blues Rock, R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop etc and acts including Guns N' Roses, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, blink-182, Foo Fighters, Motley Crue and Red Hot Chilli Peppers etc. NO INDIE BANDS AND ACTS. I am very open to the idea of mixing different styles together.
hey man -  I realise this post is from 2009, but that should make you around 28 by now and a few years stronger in your playing.

I've just moved to London and I am a 28 year old guitarist with similar influences looking for the same thing you are in this post.

are you still around? - are you still looking for band members or need a guitar player?

let me know if you receive this and are interested in meeting for a jam or a drink sometime.