Hey guys!

Well ive been learning guitar for over 3 years now and i still have a $20 Behringer Strat i got from a pawn shop. This Christmas my family have decided they want to buy me a proper guitar but i have no idea what to go for.. I really like playing metal, anything from Iron Maiden Black Sabbath to Children of Bodom but i cant choose what guitar i'd like.

I've had my eye on some ibanez' and gibson les pauls but i have really no idea what is good or not.

basically any guitar will be a gigantic upgrade but i cant think!

Ibanez RG Tremolo?
Gibson Les Paul ?

if anyone has any ideas of stuff i could look at that would be great!

oh, currently i just play on my own but im looking to form a band with some friends so i hope ive given enough info!

I am not going to make any suggestions but if your going to spend that amount of money on a guitar and clearly have that much divergence in what you want id be very careful and REALLY think hard about what you want, lest you buy something quick and end up regretting it
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Do your research on the pros and cons of guitars that catch your eye... then go to a good guitar store and test them for what you want.
if you're going to be playing songs with down tunings you might want a longer scale length (gibson's are 24.75" while ibanez would be 25.5") but thats not a big down point to a les paul. a half or even a whole step down can still work just fine.

anyway, an LP can be great if you want a fixed bridge, and if you wanted a trem i'd recommend looking into old used RG's. an old RG570 or RG550 with the original edge can't be beaten for a trem in my opinion! love them. it's just hard to change tunings with a fixed bridge. as long as you know what you're getting with a fixed bridge you should be able to get a lot out of it.

EDIT: and with your budget you could definitely get a tremolo AND fixed bridge guitar. old RG's can sell for as little as $350 or so, and i think they're on par with most of the prestige models. definitely give them a thought. that would leave you $700 or so for a fixed bridge. definitely enough to find a solid guitar!
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well i really have my eye on an ibanez, up to £500 or so. ive played the tremolos in the store and i like they way they feel, but they are only like up to £200. Im wondering if there is anything better out there, a particular model? Currently im in Germany and the biggest guitar store in my city only stocks ibanez and squires, no les pauls or jacksons etc.
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I'm going to throw a suggestion out there, but I'm with the other guys as far as do a lot of research. Why don't you have a look at the LTD Ec-1000. It's basically ESP/LTD's version of a Les Paul, just more tailored to play metal with. It's got 24 jumbo frets, Set neck, Mahogany neck and body, flamed maple top, and an assortment of colors that look really nice. They come standard with EMG's, an 81/60 combo, but if you want a little more versatility, the Amber Sunburst hardtail has SD JB/59 pickups. It comes in both a hardtail and a tremolo version. It has a lot of value for the price point.
Check it out, Link to Hardtail, Link to Tremolo version

edit-I didn't see the part about being in Germany, I'm sure you can find one of these to take for a test drive in the UK, but you might have to look to find one in Germany.
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If you don't know much about trems, I'd get a hardtail. Ibanez Prestiges are pretty nice, I think there's a few hardtail versions.
If you like playing metal then I'll throw a few broad categories out there

Jackson Rhoads
ESP Laiho

You'd have to like the V-shape and the floyd rose tremolo tho.
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yeah id go to a samash and try out some guitars.... The guitar you should be completely depends on your style.
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what amp have you got,

you may want to upgrade that aswell
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You can buy whatever guitar you want, you don't have to be at a certain skill level to buy one. This is real life, not some guitar-playing RPG where you have to unlock new guitars.
i havent played them but the new DBZ guitars will do ace for that style stuff .. gonna be top quality stuff from Dean Z himself tho, id try to tryout one of them if you can
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You can buy whatever guitar you want, you don't have to be at a certain skill level to buy one. This is real life, not some guitar-playing RPG where you have to unlock new guitars.
i was looking at those Laiho ESPs before because i play lots of CoB but i thought it would be too difficult to sit down with. Im gonna go into the guitar store tomorrow morning and ask to try out some of their more expensive Ibanez's
Not being able to play many guitars is going to be kind of limiting. However most major internet sellers have returns policies so if you don't like something after buying it you could send it back. You could afford any of the ESP Deluxe series (1000/1001) which are very nice guitars. You could get pretty much any import Jackson, any Schecter, lots if Ibanezs and so forth. I vote ESP in this case but you really need to play some things first. I personally don't find Vs to be comfy but some do so check it out both sitting and standing.
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i was looking at those Laiho ESPs before because i play lots of CoB but i thought it would be too difficult to sit down with. Im gonna go into the guitar store tomorrow morning and ask to try out some of their more expensive Ibanez's

they are find to play sitting down, just put one of the V's sides inbetween your legs. I love both mine.

The new versions come with the ALX pickup, which i haven't yet tried but looks very interesting to me.

I'm suprised no one has reccomended any jacksons? the neck on my DKMG is a work of art, very very fast.

here's a nice jackson that's just a little bit of 1000USD:

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Look into Carvin and Warmoth, as you can basically have something custom built to how you like.

If you're willing to go used, it'll open up a lot of guitars to choose from. You could also look into the Dave Murray sig used, if you like Fender style, Telecasters, Ibanez, Jackson, etc.
1 clear 2/3 hours of your agenda
2 enter guitar center (or similar)
3 try every guitar that you think you might like
4 ask around for advice
5 decide

Ibanez rg's are great, when you get new pickups!!!
They are really smooth and easy to play!!!
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Its amazing to me how few people seem to actually read the whole thread TS is in Germany and only store around him stocks only Ibanez and Squier. GC isn't an option.
Buy the guitar that feels the most comfortable to you, not what genre it supposedly should cover.
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I recommend this guitar:

Construction/Scale:Set Neck 25.5"
Fingerboard: Mahogany/Ebony
Inlays: Dark Side Series
Pickups: EMG81/EGM85
Hardware: Black
Bridge:Original Floyd Rose
Available Colors: Matte Black

Also call this list of dealers and ask them if they'll export your guitar:
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