Hello my fellow Pit Monkeys, I've recently started to make my own music using FL Studios 9, and I was just wondering, what are some other really good Digital Audio Workstations that you guys would strongly recommend?

EDIT: Price doesn't matter at all, if its good enough I'll be willing to dish out the cash. And I am mostly looking to make Trance/House type music.
Get Reaper.
It says it's a demo but after you use your time in the demo you still keep all of your features.
^^Reaper still has a few bugs and stuff, memory leaks and suchlike.

I recommend Acoustica Mixcraft, the lazy and poor man's DAW. It's nowhere near as complex as other ones but you can figure everything out in 3 minutes. It comes with a whole load of VST presets and stuff so you can get stuff going quickly.

It's lacking features, but it's my favourite to record non-professional stuff.
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had more probs with cubase than you would believe. never had one problem with reaper in 2 years. get it.
Logic Pro.

I don't think FL really counts as a DAW. It's limited to mostly sequencing.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Cubase SX 3.

Works for me.
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Cubase and reaper are both decent.

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