There's a man on the curb with a bottle who begs
He always sits down cause he lost his right leg
To a mine in the jungles in Vietnam.

He curses and shouts that he wished he was dead
You can tell by his face that he's ****ed in the head
No one loves him enough to give a damn.

So along comes a man in a Swiss three-piece suit
He sits by the beggar and shows off his loot
A thousand bucks, malt liquor and a grin.

Said the man in the suit, "this all could be yours"
Give in to my offer and there will be more."
The beggar asked how as he chugged down his gin.

"Having one leg's a blessing, I know cause I've seen
There's a market for you, if you know what I mean"
The beggar was clueless, staring at the man's suit.

"There are folks who get rushes from y'all amputees,
We want to you to be in some movies, you see
Four hundred fifty per shoot."

Explaining some more, the suited man won
He congratulates the beggar on the career he's just begun
And gives an address to show up at the next day.

Next morning, hungover so bad that he can't feel his hair
The beggar wheels twenty blocks in his rusted wheelchair
Shows up at the studio with nothing to say.

He's thrown on a bed as he tosses in hunger
And is shown to a blonde woman thirty years younger
This is Lynette, your new friend.

The deed is done and he howls like a carny
His first taste of action since his days in the Army
Four-fifty in cash is his now his to attend.

Needless to say, he spends it all that same day
What's not spent on coke is gambled away.
He didn't even buy new clothes.

About once a week, the process repeats
And after each film's a cast party of three
Filmer, the beggar, the girl, a dinner, a rose.

The beggar was liked in the fetishist scene
Even gave an interview to a small magazine
Porn and parties every Monday.

All the drugs were tearing apart
A mind that wasn't too sane from the start
They'd soon find this out the hard way.

There was a young starlet they called Dusty Chase
Who looked at him funny while shooting a take
He stabbed her and she nearly bled to death.

No charges were filed, but she never did star
In any more movies, because of her scars.
Last time I heard she was wallowing in meth.

A few more films made, with parties as perks
The producer and beggar shared the girl's works
And things were getting out of hand.

They found the beggar face-down on a motel's bed
With blood on his nose and two eyes that were dead
Aged fifty-two, stage name Joey Mann.

No one showed up at the service out of shame
A pauper's grave chosen, no one made a claim
A stone and a hole are his home.

You might have wondered why I'm telling you this
And no, there's no moral, no reasons, no twists
I buried him and thought his life should be known.

(c)2009 Harrison du Plessis

Feedback and comments mucho appreciated. It still needs to be smoothed out a bit, and maybe change a few things here and there. I wrote this about a month ago.
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Dude that was so ****ing cool. It was amazing how they all intertwined perfectly and it all came back full circle. And while it was all really good, maybe shorten it down a bit? I cant really make a choice which one i would take out, though cuz they are all really good. Crit on mine please? Im desperate lol
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WEATHERER, the greatest band ever.
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