Just out of curiosity, what effects work with them, what effects destroy them? I have no pedals and my amp has none so I'm wondering how they interact.
i'm guessing lower chords with fuzz or distortion would sound dreadful. although lower chords with no effects sound like that anyway. chorus might work quite nicely. slight phaser could sound pretty cool as well.
All effects "knowledge" is from the pedal board plug-in on "logic" which i use at music tech. also, my pedals have all broken.
Too much chorus can destroy them.
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Octavers work really well.

Only octave up, unless you play really high up, and you need one that tracks really well, or else it will glitch out. The EHX POG is supposed to have great tracking, as is the MXR Bass Octave Deluxe, but thats only octave down.

Some light chorus or phaser are good on "real" chords, and distortion is great on power chords, especially around the middle of the neck. One of my favorite sounds is to put a slow phaser in front of heavy distortion and play power chords.
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Are there any bass synth pedals that will do chords? I was playing a Boss model at my local store, and chords weren't coming out well.