So my sister giving me her bass, which she never plays. It's a Johnson something or other, their fender jazz knock off. I know I'll have to flip the nut, but my question is could I use the nut that is already there and just flip it, or would I have to buy another. Also what should I use to glue the nut back on?
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I flipped one of my basses, I used the same nut, but it might break when you remove it. I used wood glue.
Probably remove it. The string widths would be the wrong way.
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Spinning the nut might work, might not. I've never tried it. But I have broken a nut in half, and a good graphtek tusq nut only costs like 10 bucks. So its totally worth it to just buy a new one
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some nuts slope back to match with the headstock angle, so flipping it would get rid of that. I wouldn't say it's a bad idea, but a new nut would make things smoother. String pressure will hold the nut in just fine, but wood glue works if you wanna keep it in.