hi, im new on the site and have had a search but cant seem to find anythingm on the subject. (its probably there i just cant find it!)

was looking into buying a set of wireless headphones that plug into my amp for practising with but cant seem to find anything thats any good.

was wondering if anyone uses any and if so what do you recommend, im not looking into spending a fortune maybe up to £75.

any ideas welcome.
A good question, I've got Bose Headphones. (Not the commerical ones, smaller MP3 ones) that are great. Bose is a great brand in general, just overpriced none the less.

Just to add on to whomever suggests good headphones, I'm looking for some too. Double the pride in answering.
Triple the pride by answering !!!!

my question is : is it worth to pay top dollars for headphone for guitar ... is there a difference between the sennheiser hd 555 and some lower sony mdr-200 if i use it into a pod , v-amp , vox amplug or heapdhone jack of an amp .

cause the "spec" of higher end headphone always seem to be with hi-fi Home theater use in mind .

hope my question make sense .

another question would be : open ( sennheiser hd ) or close ( sony mdr ) headphone for guitar . ???

what i wanna know

am i paying for hi-tech headphones technologies a single pod cant handle in term of specs , etc.. so its basically worthless to pay the high price since wont make a difference between the 40 $ and the 250 $ one .
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