Ballad-ish song, think easygoing and laid back when reading, something set to like a Dire Straits song or something like that.

"They Got Away"
April 4th at 8 o'clock brought a storm upon the shed
Through it all two children sang and danced around their bed
The song they sang was loud and low, but they knew not what it meant
But they knew no other way to make their childhood better spent

They sang so loud that no one heard the door's soft, creaking sound.
No one heard the gangsters say "Be quick, boys, there's cops around."
And they shot the man who had a mark upon his head
Just for good measure they left his wife, brother, and sister dead

The children fell, stretched and yawned and headed off to sleep
The little boy pleaded in a carefree voice, "I pray the Lord my soul to keep."
They woke to cops and four dead bodies on the floor
and as they cried they knew they'd never see each other anymore

But at least they got away.
Hallelujah! They got away.
Hallelujah! They got away.

Dressed in drag stands little Anne like the ghost of a princess gone.
Struck in awe at the kingdom she once ruled but now has moved on
But when the music starts she's master of the floor
She catches the eyes of all the customers who walk through the door.

She heard a voice like one plucked gently from the wind
Followed it into an office filled with 4 white madmen
Thrown naked on the floor, she staggered to her feet
The men beat that princess and threw her out into the street.

But at least she got away
Hallelujah! she got away.
Hallelujah! she got away.

"Rick the Spick" was spinning 'round, and he staggered from his car.
Cocked his gun and shouted, "Boys, lets find out who we really are!"
He and his partner, Jimmy crouched behind some tires
A rival gang appeared and sprayed the alley down with lead and fire.

After an hour, more then twenty men lay dead.
Just then a bullet caught Rick in the chest, below his head.
He screamed and fell to see his partner turn and run
The battle stopped and Rick was left to die beneath the setting sun.

But Jimmy got away.
Hallelujah! He got away.
Hallelujah! He got away.

There's a girl outside in the evening light, dancing by herself
Singin' a song from long ago to an audience of no one else.
But on Franklin Street, a Spanish boy is dying in the road
He hears her song, sings along and lets the music soothe his soul.

She sang "we got away.
Hallelujah! we got away.
Hallelujah! We got away."