Did they know any music theory? I've read somewhere that they didn't really know any, but how could such inspired musicians not??
Flea, the bassist for the red hot chili peppers didn't know any theory
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Chuck knew basic theory as well, considering most of his solo's went around the diminshed and harmonic minor scales...Correct me if i'm wrong, i'm not one for knowing too much theory either.

Dime used a lot of blues scales and pentatonic scales. That's all i've heard anyways.
dime actually knew alot of theory, he just couldn't tell you the names for everything. he grew up around alot of country, blues and jazz guitarists as his dad owned a local recording studio and he'd spend time up there.
Chuck actually made up his own keys and scales, some of which turned out to actually be harmonic minor and diminished scales without him knowing when he made them.
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Wow, thanks for all of the replies. So wait, if they knew so little (or at least didn't know the names of what they knew by ear), then how did they play with other artists? How did they communicate, just like "hey do this but a little higher so it harmonizes"?
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