So I am the worst when it comes to writing lyrics for my songs. i find i just dont have a way with words. i really would like to write some good lyrics. I like blues, early pink floyd lyrics, david gilmour, john mayer is another big one. I am just wondering if anyone has like a formula they follow when writing. is there a starting point?

Thanks to all
I usually just start out with what I know, typing out feelings and emotions; describing scenes, images, situations, whatever. Then I take it, rearrange it, takes lines I want, delete others, add some rhyme if I feel like it, give it a rhythm and make it into a song.

Everybody works differently though. I'd suggest reading and studying your favorite aspects of your favorite band's lyrics and see what exactly you like about them, whether it be rhyme scheme, imagery, emotional conveyance, etc... then try to do the same with your own.