I'm looking to buy a loop pedal so i can play a chord progression and play over it. I would like at least 30 seconds of looping time and am only looking on spending between $100-$200. Posting any links or models would be very helpful.
boss rc-2 (or any rc)
digitech jamman
digitech hardwire dl8 has delay and looping functions, so does the boss dd6 or dd7 IIRC

i'm not a fan of boss, but i have the rc-2 and it's actually the only boss pedal i like, it's got like 15 minutes of loop, you can save 12 presets, not much you can't like about it besides it's buffer
you can also plug in a footswitch to stop/erase memory/tap tempo, extremely useful
and a double footswitch also, using the left one to change saved patch
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