hi! i have a jackson dk2 with duncan designed pickups and a good floyd rose of jackson with a boss me-70 and marshall mg dfx15
i want to change my amp and then my guitar to the real japanise dk2 but i think mine is great in fact,
i play lots of metallica, iron maiden, 80' heavy metal, 70' hard rock, jimi hendrix, rolling stones, etc, now i'm really into pearl jam and jimi hendrix and srv and i want a good fender strat tone,
can you tell me a good single coil for neck or middle position and a good amp for what i play??
personally i really shred with a defined tone, not too bassy, i love evh tone but i need it heavier for shread.
hear suggestions!!

ps: i live in argentina!! things cost three times more here ajaj, also tell if i have problems with eanglish ajaj i have exam this weak!
I think you know that your weakest link right now is you amp. I'd get rid of that and possibly your Boss ME unless you are really attached to it.

I don't know what your budget is but I'd try to find something like an old used Marshall JCM800, Peavey Windsor head or Classic 30, Blackstar HT5.

As far as pickups, I really wouldn't worry about that until you have secured a better amp.
Getting a new pickup won't help much with the amp you have. You're pickups aren't your working against you, the amp is.

Get a new amp.

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