im debating painting a design a friend drew for me on my amp and am wondering in everones opinion does this make the amp look cheap or is it kinda like the equivalent to a tattoo if it means something to the person? or would amp and tolex not bond well creating small explosions or something...
sounds cool, might hurt the resale, depending on who you sell it to. If you like it, i don't see why you shouldn't
So are you gonna put something on the grill or on the side of the amp? Cuz Im imagining the che guevera on tom morellos amp. your doing something similar yeah?
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sorry its a peavey 6505 and its on the side its the area is the length of a normal sheet of paper horizontally, and its gunna be a picture of the arch with a human heart in the center hanging off of it, it looks really good, would i tape it off and do it like grafitti and what type of paint would i use for tolex?
I'd imagine spray paint would work. Im not 100% sure though.

Also can you upload a pic of the design?
no sir away a papaya war is on
i would think of a paint pencil to do a nice job

like Mike ShInodA of linkin park in the video . you should probably use that and not a can of spray paint .

very great customisation of a guitar .


hope that help
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I think regardless of how or what you do it it's going to make the amp look cheap and cobbled. That said, who cares if you really like the design? The paint might not stick the best, but touch ups aren't the end of the world.
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would i want oil or water based paint, also i might just go with acryllic paint