Here's a quiz by which you can know about your emotions.
For your every 'no' answer, add 1 to your score.
1. Do you feel guilty if you cry in public?
2. Do you think crying is a sign of weakness?
3. Do you think men and boys should be encouraged to hide their tears?
4. Do you feel embarrassed if you find yourself crying while watching a film or reading a book?
5. Would you try to hold back your tears if you were attending a funeral?
6. Would you distrust a politician who shed tears in public?
7. Do you think that tears are an unnecessary expression of emotion?
8. Do you always try to hide your disappointment?
9. Do you get embarrassed if you see grown men crying?
10. Would you pretend that you had something in your eyes if you were unexpectedly discovered crying?
11. Do you always try to hide your anger?

For your every 'yes' answer, add 1 to your score
12. Do you tend to brood about things which make you angry?
13. Does your temper even get out of control?
14. Has your temper even got you in trouble?
15. Do you believe that it does you good to get rid of your anger?
16. Would you allow someone to comfort you if you were crying?
17. Do you get cross quite easily?
18. Do you touch someone you love at least once a day?
19. Do you enjoy physical signs of affection?
20. Do you ever get broody when you see small babies?
21. Would you happily hold hands in public with someone you cared for?
22. Do you enjoy being massaged?
23. Do you regularly tell those whom you love how you feel?
24. Have you ever had a pet of which you were very fond?
25. Do you enjoy being kissed and hugged by people you love?
26. Do you ever laugh out loud when you are watching funny films?
27. Do you ever tap your feet while listening to Music?
28. Do you often have the last clap at concerts, sports events and the like?
29. Do you ever shout encouragement to sports or TV heroes?
30. Can you remember when you last really laughed and enjoyed yourself?

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