so my band has to tune down to drop B and i was wondering what would easier?

should I:

a.) get a BEAD setup and get lighter strings to tune up to B F# B E


b.) get really high gauge strings for an EADG setup and just tune down from there.

Thanks for your help!
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I'm glad to hear that.... what now?

deftEDIT: okkay, lol.

I'm in the same area, having to play in B. I'm running an ESP F104 with Ernie Ball .110's and it's holding tune well in a live setting so far.

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Get nice thick strings... Or a 5 string bass and tune it BEADG so you don't have to tune between band/everything else
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I play in a band where both guitarists tune to drop b. I have 2 basses I use for this band:
1. 4 string set up with 110s tuned BEAD
2. 5 String set up with 130s tuned to BEADG
This wouldn't work in every drop B situation but so far I havn't had a problem.
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i tried for drop b on a 4 string...didn't work so i brought a 5 string yesterday!
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