B.C Rich Mockingbird ST or Dean Razorback Two-tone for sweep picking and being a primary lead guitar. Any input?
Well out of the two, The B.C. Rich seems to be the better idea, but you might want to look elsewhere. What is your budget?

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dean is so much better in my oppinion, especialy for leads, they just stick out more tone wise thatn bc rich mocking and the "v" shaped nech i preffer for sweeping......but really its up to you, you need to just decide what you like more....
Budget is 800 CDN but these are the only two that are decent in my music store that I like, I don't sweep pick quite yet but i'm learning therefore I cant tell which in turn would be best and most comfortable
You know what? Ironmaiden1313 is right, I was just looking at the features, but the dean has higher output pickups and a better neck, so I change my mind. I still suggest a different brand though

(^ the end of the world)
IF you have the opportunity to lay your hands on those guitars and play them, then I highly suggest you do so. Regardless of how well built the guitar is or what pick-ups it has, if you don't like the feel of it, more than likely you'll dislike the guitar regardless of tone.

If not, my vote is for a mockingbird, but I'm biased because i want one!!! If the razorback has the hot rails pickup in it though, then go for it. That pup is sick