I need a reverb pedal, as my HT-5 doesn't have reverb, ive been meaning to buy one for agessss. Just a simple reverb that will always be on.

Now ive spent so much money lately i really shouldnt be buying anything, but i just need reverb lol. Ive seen the Behringer DR600 reverb. Now one look at these pedals and I think only idiots (no offence lol) would buy these. But then the reverb is like £23. And im thinking, ill barly have it on, it will always be on and ill place it on the amp away from my pedalboard anyways :P.

Think its worth it?


Can't be that bad. I would try it out but these pedals come in plastic packaging, like kids toys come in . So I don't think I can.

If not, whats a decent reverb I can get. Like for less that £50 .
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last week, i went to a gig, it was a pretty huge band in the montreal music scene, and they're actually international now, they're called Malajube, but you might not know them since they sing in french...
well either way, the guitarist/singer used that pedal for reverb, and i was pretty surprised about it, but it worked well enough, and it sounded good enough :-)
Coool, ill get one of these then.

tbh i reckon these pedals are a lot better then you think. I don't hate them its just i think you can get a lot better for a bit more money. But I duno.

Chars anyways
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Behringer varies,

On the one hand i have the PB100 booster and it works absolutely fine,
On the other i have the DD600 Delay and it gives a crazy background noise that renders it unusable without a noise gate behind it!

Just be careful, i suggest you try before you buy

hardwire reverb is good.... fwiw
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