Just like the title says, I was wondering if anyone has had surgery on their back before, specifically on a herniated disc? I've had a herniated disc on the left side of my lower spine (specifically the L5 disc) for over a year now, and I'm going in to the new Emory Spine and Orthopedic hospital here in Atlanta on December 16th to get it fixed. The procedure is called a discectomy, they're going to physically remove a small piece of bone and the herniated portion of the disc through a small hole in my back. It's a minimally invasive surgery, they said it's only going to leave a scar about 1.5" long, and they're going to be able to close it with the surgical glue stuff, so no staples/stitches to remove, which is fine by me. I'm really anxious/nervous about it, I've never had any kind of surgery before (I'm only 20 years old), but the disc has been pinching the sciatic nerve and causing some awful pain all the way down my left leg for over a year, so I'm ready to get done with it. Have any of you guys had a similar procedure? How'd it work out for you? They told me I have a 93% chance of all of the pain going away and a 10% chance of herniated another disc in the next 25 years. I'm pretty nervous but looking forward to the operation. I'm definately going to be careful for a loooong time after the operation though, I really don't want to go through this again.

If anyone is interested and, like me, are odd and think things like this are cool, here is the MRI image of that disc. See how the nerve flows nicely on the left side of the picture? Now notice how it's completely blocked and pinched on the right hand side. I just hope there is no permanent damage on that nerve. All of the doctors at Emory said it's one of the worse non sports related discs they've ever seen. I signed a release paper to let them publish a report on it in a journal haha.
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my dad has a herniated disk and cant feel parts of his left leg anymore, but since the surgery wasnt for sure going to do anything constructive, had the possibility of paralysing, possibilty of making things worst, and the steroid treatments wernt much better, he said fuk it and he;ll live with the pain
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My mom had three and got all of them operated on a few months back. It went well for her. My uncle had a similar surgery a long time ago too.
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my dad had a few, along whit some cracked vertebrae. If he learned anything it would be that go to a good doctor the first time. The first guy attempted to do a bone fusion which ended terribly (he was a reputable doctor too). 5 years of agony later he finally got it done the right way, but he still lives with a great deal of pain.
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sacamano, that's terrible sorry to hear that.

Yeah, my surgeon is the professor of spinal surgery at Emory University. I feel pretty good about him doing the operation. I had 3 of the steroid injections and 8 months of physical therapy in the past year, and for whatever reason neither of them made a difference. I'm just ready to get some relief, every minute that I am awake I can feel that nerve on the side of my leg. It's always throbbing, and it's miserable. Plus I don't need to keep eating vicodin like candy for the rest of my life.
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