I thought this was the pinnacle of my writing, but it's absolute tripe. I am proud of the "breakdown" section, and the percussion overall. I don't feel like reworking the entire song, as I've done that 7 times in the last year. The original version was named trashcunt and has very little similarities.
I'll post that too, but the main focus is Leaven; remember that.

NOTICE: That happens to be the earliest incarnation of that song that I have on file. The original must have been left on my other comp.
Doesn't matter, as that song was abysmal.
I liked them both alright. Trashcunt was rougher sounding and Leaven had some spacy-ness added to it I thought b/c of the clean jazz guitar you put in the background.

Quote by huevos
Doesn't matter, as that song was abysmal.

If it was anything like those other 2, it couldn't have been that bad. But it ought to please you first and foremost, so meh.