I upgraded to windows 7 a couple weeks ago, and everythings great and runs fine.. but heres an annoyance...

I use Firefox. When I'm on UG, and click to download a Ptb or Gp5(or 3/4/etc) file, Vista always did the same thing.. I click DOWNLOAD, it would open that little download window Firefox has, and immediately open the file. Ever since I upgraded to 7, I get one of 2 error messages after the download window shows up..

1) "C:\Users\JOHN-P~1\AppData\Local\Temp\everything_fades_to_gray-13.gp5 could not be opened, because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your preferences."

2) "C:\Users\JOHN-P~1\AppData\Local\Temp\everything_fades_to_gray.gp5 could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of that folder.

Change the folder properties and try again, or try saving in a different location."

I've spent endless annoying nights trying to investigate.. but no luck! I always end up having to right-click Retry the download, and track down the Temp folder in my computer where the file has been saved to, and open it from there! It's really annoying.. I'm at least semi-computer savvy, so if anyone can just explain the process i need to go through to fix this.. that'd be so great. Thanks
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Change what you do with the GP5 file by going to

Tools -> Options -> Appications Tab - > Scroll down to Guitar Pro 3/4/5 -> Change 'Action' to 'Always ask'

Then, if you want the file to automatically open in GP5 without it throwing an error...

Try to download a .gp5 file -> In the Firefox Pop-up box Select 'Open' -> Choose Guitar Pro 5 -> clcik OK and then check the box in the main Popup that says 'Always do this with this File Type'

Any questions of if you need screenshots or somethin to help you out, do not hesitate to ask (PM will get a faster response)


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