hey all,

ive recently bought a power adaptor and a daisy chain to power all of my pedals. however ive found, when im using JUST the power adaptor to power one pedal and run the rest on batteries, i get a buzzing sound coming through whenever i am not playing. if i use the power adaptor AND the daisy chain to power all of my pedals, this noise becomes excessivly louder and is even accompanied by a ringing sound whenever i am not playing.

my chain goes behringer tuner> ns2 > od808 > amp

if i use the daisy chain i have to use the ns2 as the output source to power the other two pedals. whenever ive used the adaptor to power just one pedal it is quietest when using it to power just the tuner.

is this a common problem? or more importantly, how can i fix it? perhaps the power adaptor just sucks? i know its for guitar pedals and pushes more then enough milliamps to power all the pedals sufficiently.
this is a common occurance with cheap adaptors and daisy chaining. to stop the noise, you really need isolated outputs like those in a fuel tank jr etc..
it is just a cheaper adaptor. digitor or some rubbish,. the guy i got it off though said it was quiet with his setup

would using a power source like the fuel tank jr fix my problem? what are some other units like this? cause i only found american units when i was checking ebay just a moment ago. need australian
fuel tank, others, provide isolated output jacks.

...means the noise from one pedal's power source doesn't carry over and multiply, among other things.

i only know of american products for this.

also, gotta ask, did you read your NS-2 manual before you hooked it up?
You could also try the Visual Sound one spot daisy chain system if you're on a budget...I ran a lot of pedals at once and the only time I had problems was with my wah picking up radio stations...so I just ran it on a separate adapter and it fixed the problem.
ive checked out the fuel tank, it seems the unit itself can be powered in either 120 or 240v because it uses an external power supply.

yes ive read the ns2 manual, the only thing in there relevant to my issue is having the pedals plugged into a power point with other large appliances, in my case the only thing is a monitor and xbox360 which are not turned on during my guitar playing.
also, has anyone tried the dunlop dc brick??

seems to be an affordable alternative for me.
ok, then read it again, because it shows you how to loop your frontloaded pedals with the ns-2.

dunlop dc brick will do you no good. series outputs, not isolated.
I only know of the following which have isolated outputs...

T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr
Voodoo Pedal Power 2 +

Even the Boss adapter causes buzz.
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For the record...you're only gating your guitar....the OD is probably causing noise as well....did you change your chain recently?
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narrr ive used the chain like this for a while, when i have the od before noise gate i always get this annoying little hum after tight palm mutes etc so ive just hooked it up this way out of preference really. it works fine when i run the pedals on batteries, just with the power supply it sucks.

so dc brick no go? guess ill just have to order from the states. i read that the fuel tank jr has a changeable power supply? so i could get my own 240v one to hook up to it. can anyone confirm this?