trying to figure out how to get a lords of acid song. Name of song is power is mine.... wanna know what you think...
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The Big 5 is the largest gathering of the construction industry in the Middle East. A report shows that the anticipated spending on all of Dubai’s construction cases up to 2010 will exceed US$60 billion. This figure in turn suggests that construction equipment-related markets in Dubai, such as hardware, hand tools, and power tools possess tremendous potential.
The Taiwan External Trade Development Council is honored to lead 75 excellent Taiwanese suppliers to participate in this great show held in Dubai World Trade Center from Nov 23 to 26 this year. On display will be up-to date products and technology.

Check out the Taiwan Exhibitors’ link now to see what each vender has to offer and plan your trip accordingly. Through the website, you can even make advance online appointments with them. On behalf of Taiwan Pavilion, please accept our warmest invitation. We look forward to meeting with you in Dubai.

Moreover, we encourage you to log onto Taiwantrade, an International B2B website providing you with the latest information of over 90,000 suppliers and their online catalogs. With the most abundant information, we assure your way to business success.
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