Hi all i play guitar and bass i recorded two originals dead of the night and vengence so far,,, ,Lead guitar is my passion ! i used the cakwalk sonar 8 producers edition and played all the instruments and sang all the vocals ,,,,,, however the drums i made using fruity loops 7 look on my profile for the two and let me know what ya think !!!! i also have some covers on there !!!

That was some old-school metal, kind of a 70's vibe. I really enjoyed vengence even though the guitar sound was beyond horrible!! It was well-played and just a good rock song. I would suggest a change for the chorus though. Just changing the bass note for the third repeat would do wonders for the song (or re-recording the guitars with better tone).

Same thing about the tone for Dead of night, there's some high-frequency noise on the guitars that's almost killing me. I'm guessing the drums for this one were recorded live since there's some tempo variation and a few timing issues after fills. Not as good a song as vengence but it could be OK with better guitar tone and a bit more care in recording te vocals.
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Vengeance: Crap tone. Badass song. I'm seeing some heavy Motorhead influence here on the vocals. Overall, I liked it, but I might have liked it more if the guitars didn't sound like you had taken a Metal Zone pedal and used it through a Roland Micro Cube that was miked from across the room.

Dead of Night: I detect Dio. I'm having so many flashbacks to Holy Diver right now it's not even funny. See above for my comments on your tone. Other than that, I liked it, but nowhere near as much as I might if your guitar tone was good. Sorry.
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