remove paint from a guitar? basically ive been trying to make a cool worn looking guitar and i think some removal of the paint would look cool so how would i do this? like sand papper? and would it work on a black guitar? i'm trying to mod a squire bullet
i think you mean relicing it right? if so check youtube there are vids that tell you how ive never done it so im sorry i cant help more
don't over-do the worn look.

that's the biggest mistake guys make.

there are many tutorials on relicing a guitar.

just google "relicing a guitar"

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Get your keys and insert a few dings here and there, don't get a screw driver and put a scratch on the guitar.
I don't know why in the world anyone would want to destroy a guitar or buy a guitar that looks like junk but guitar companies are betting big money on selling guitars that look like crap and it's funny people buy them. WTF?

What kind of guitar are you trying to relic? If it has a poly finish it's going to take a lot. Poly is tough, much tougher and a little thicker than Ntiro finishes. Your best bet would be to use a palm sander with a fine grade sandpaper. It might take a little time but there will not be big scratches it would look more like natural wear. As far as dings and dents don't over do it. Look at old worn guitars and see where they get banged up with normal wear and tear. You start taking big chunks out of it where it wouldn't really happen it will look fake. Aging is a lot harder natural aging is very hard to do. I just saw a great looking Epi LP that spent a few weeks in the window of a store and the white finish yellowed nicely but where the shadow of the bridge and knobs were it was still bright white.

Look in GB & C whether you mean refinishing or relicing there are people with personal experience with both there that can help you more than I. If you mean refinishing, the answer is sandpaper. Make sure you take it off all the way through the body sealer (thick tan/white layer) or your new finish will suffer.