Very unfinished, just need a bit of advice. I'd like to know if I should keep going with it, and if so whether I should cut out any bits. I have a rough idea of what should go next, but any ideas there would still be great.

Thanks in advance, any criticism or comments are very welcome, and I'll do crit-for-crit if you like.
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Uh, good point. It's there now.

EDIT: By the way, bar 73 onwards is meant to be the first verse. So it's the only bit I have any excuse for if it stretches on too long.
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Hey champ.

Absolutely brilliant piece so far! I really don't know what to comment on most other than your flair at using so many instruments and techniques to establish contrasting (and unifying) themes and melodies, and having each link together so seamlessly. The layers and unifying melodies and rhythms within the piece are great, and it never really sounds cluttered or compressed at all - most definitely a difficult feat to achieve when using so much instrumentation at once.

And I have to commend you for using a celesta and organ patches - brilliant choice of timbres for the themes you created, which were very well paced and structured. The volume oscillations of the keys, and delay effects of the guitars too were also very well executed throughout. I love pieces with a definitive atmosphere or personality, and this is no exception.

Also, throughout, the mixing of each instrument was done flawlessly. Brilliant work in that department.

I might add, your use of dissonance (though much lesser than other pieces of yours from memory; and your harmony work throughout was astounding), as always, was exceptionally tasteful. It definitely adds a certain colour and tension to the piece. Do you have any particular methods or approaches to writing your pieces? Thanks in advance if you're able to reply. =]

Some creative drumming, as well - each section flows very well, and your fills provide the tension for the next layers of instrumentation to enter, without being pretentious or overly done. Sorry for making the assumption, but I'd say the percussion in this piece, particularly, acts a driving force to link the section (with the consistent cymbal use, for example). I'm obsessed with learning how compositions ''work'' at the moment, so if you could provide any insight it would be greatly appreciated

Overall, each section pieces brilliantly, and there's plenty of variation to keep anyone interested - from the eerie opening to the Opeth-esque strings and guitar work, and the wacky carnival themes (and I'll tell you now, I'm a huge fan of the anything creepy-carnival-esque). And after closer inspection, I realised the very subtle 3/4 waltz theme being used during the pre-guitar intro to set us up for the ''carnival'' theme; nice!
And one more thing - awesome counterpoints and counter-melodies at bar 57 (though bar 66 particularly grabbed my attention).

Sorry if this post seems like a bunch of rambling of ass-kissery Feel free to ask me to elaborate on anything or cover anything in particular. I'm always glad to help!

I'm off for tonight, but I'll be online at about the same time tomorrow to update my post and whatnot. Again, brilliant piece, and keep up the great work - in other words, finish this thing, please!

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Well, one out of two's not bad...

DesolationJD, I was worrying about that. I sort of kept adding instruments, and had to keep them going because it'd be a bit anticlimatic if they all suddenly stopped. Cheers for the criticism, I'll have a think about it.

Juckfush, thanks heaps for that Really glad to hear you like it, I'll try and continue the things you mentioned liking.

In answer to your question about methods for writing, I just do it very slowly. One section at a time, starting with whatever instrument I have an idea for and then continuing with the rest. I tend to just imagine a melody that might work for it, tab it out and listen to it over and over to see if it works. And then, once it's all done, I listen to that section over and over, changing bits to see if it sounds better.

For drums, I just have fun writing slightly unusual beats, and put fills or unusual accents in there if I need to build up tension and make the start of the next section a bit climatic.

As for the overall song, I just start with the intro riff, and keep adding sections until I work out some kind of mood and structure I want the song to have. Meaning most of my songs have unnecessarily long intros. For example, by now I've associated this song with rain, fog, Lovecraftian horror, carnivals and a dull blue colour; it'll probably have a long "cycle" that'll be repeated a couple of times with some variation, like a longer version of the verse/prechorus/chorus/verse structure; and I plan on bringing back the carnival-like theme at the end with a lot of multi-tracked vocals, like the outro of Mellotron Scratch by Porcupine Tree.

I hope that answered your question, I wasn't sure how else to answer it.
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i thoroughly enjoyed it, good use of transitions particularly pertaining to the drums. it kind of reminded me of a movie score; like something that time burton(nightmare before christmas) would use in one of his films.. i also particularly like the use of the strings and the arrangment actually worked ( i saw like a million tracks when it first loaded and was a tad hesitant, but you managed to blend all the various sounds in a wonderful manner). keep up the great work! i just got into GP and its a wonderful program. you should check my thread and tell me what you think.
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