a while back, i posted about alot of noise comming from my 6505 head, i know they're generally noisy anyway but this doesnt seem right, i run my boss NS-2 in the X config which cuts out preamp and guitar noise, which is good, and when id turn the nS-2 on and switch channels i wouldnt get any popping sound, now when i have it on it still pops, also, when i have it crankin and switch off the effects loop (even with the guitar off) it squeals really horribly, i tried swapping around the tubes into different positions as someone suggested but that didn't seem to do anything, anyone kno what the problem could be?
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Schecter C7 Hellraiser
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Peavey 6505+ Head (with Grill Mod)
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Orange PPC412(BLK)
Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor