Yesterday, I asked which Tiny Terror I should get. I figured that the Hard Wired Edition was the best choice. But at $1059 for the head alone, I figured that I could find some better options.

I became heavily interested in the Orange Rocker 30. But at 30 watts, I'll lose the ability to get poweramp distortion, one of my favorite things about the Tiny Terrors. So with an attenuator, would I be able to get power amp distortion at reasonable volumes? And which attenuator should I look at? I thought about the THD Hotplate but those go by the ohms. Orange uses 16 ohms but that's not the most common one if I wanted to use a extension cab at gigs. Then I came across the Dr. Z Brake Lite which mounts right inside of a combo. It apparently works for all speaker loads so I'll easily be able to connect to any extension cab with minimum problems. It also seems easy to bypass if I wanted to keep my signal 100% clean.

Does that seem like a good idea and would the Dr. Z even work with the Orange? I'm not looking for poweramp saturation at bedroom levels either. I'll still be playing pretty loudly. Think of the Tiny Terror at noon. According to the Z Airbrake manual, it states that 0 is true bypass and each click of the rotary switch adds 1.8db of attenuation (7.2db total). Does anyone know if it's the same on the Brake Lite? And if it is, is this enough for what I'm looking for?

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