You might need to re-upload your song. I tried to download it but it stuck at like 4%.... could be me though.
I'd like to hear you hit the pitches straight, that would be nice. Actually singing for the middle part of the verse would also work better I think; you don't quite have the vocal timbre to pull off that kind of "cool speech" thing. That said I personally don't like this kind of melody.

Mix-wise you have pushed the vocals a bit too far back and the overdriven part, that I assume is the chorus, is barely audible. Basically the guitars take up waaaay too much space.
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Righty ho , im thinking of removing the distorted vocals because i cant get the right balance of distortion no matter how hard i try and I actually think I agree with you on me singing the pitches instead of singing 'into' the pitch just sing it straight off

vocals too far back?
I thought they were too far forward
Why do things sound different in something like Cubase instead of itunes?
just a little note, this music probably isn't gonna please the majority of people I tend to listen to/write experimental and sometimes outside sounds , but to me this isn't that hard to handle but if it isn't your cup of tea just crit the production not the style and genre