Whatup guys?

I think the title already says what my question is...
but i'm gonna gonna give you some details...

i have an ibanez RGT6EX-BP and it's just a great guitar (though it's made in korea) except from the ****ed up edge III tremolo (which i'm goin' to replace as soon as i'll have some money again [what could take a while ])

for a long time i've been afraid of intonating the guitar myself but now it has gotten so bad that i just couldnt take it anymore so i had to finally do it, and well, thanks to youtube it worked pretty fine

but surprise, surprise. i start to play and what do i recognize? somehow i got a higher string tension. so what the hell went wrong?
Depending on how far off the intonation was when you started, nothing went wrong. If the adjustment required a minor increase in string scale, you will notice an increase in string tension. Beyond that, you may need to adjust the setup of the tremolo. Now if you experienced a significant increase in string tension, you may have thrown the bridge out of adjustment. Intonation adjustments are no big deal; just minor movements of the bridge saddles. Have a good guitar tech look at it.