Hello UG community! I have an Epiphone Dot, all stock as of now (which means AlNiCo classic humbuckers ). I went in to the guitar store and tried out this old tele just for fun. I think it was American made, previously owned by some guy who died of lung cancer (there is a cigarette stain on the headstock). He put in hot rails humbuckers in both positions and a coil tap. Maybe it's just me, but the bridge position 'bucker still sounded twangy (maybe it's just the way it's angled?). Anyway, how do Hot Rails compare to other 'buckers out there? I could see the pragmaticism(?) behind getting them if you're a strat or tele man but still want buckers but no additional routing.
It will always come down to personal taste with pickups, but I think the Duncan Hot Rails are great high-output pickups with terrific tone. I put them in both of my Strats and probably wouldn't want to use anything else for them. I haven't tried one in a Telecaster, though. I've got a Duncan Little '59 in my Telecaster and that sounds great, too.
People often wonder what makes a tele twangy. Besides the wood and shape theres really only 1 thing different about it from other fenders. The bridge. I believe that's where the twang comes from.

On to the main question. Hot rails are amazing, very responsive, wonderful for lead work or a higher range rhythm with a bite to it. great on palm mutes.

As for routing on tele's or strat's, if you have a standard of either they're made for singlecoils. So yes you'll have to route those. BUT, if you get a fat strat or a modern tele, those are already routed for HB's in the bridge position.
I have a seymor duncan dimbucer pickup on a epiphone SG and it sounds great but some people say its for strats what do u think?
I have a Hot Rail in the bridge of my Telecaster. It has great biting crunch at high gain levels but it's prone to feedback because it's sitting in a metal bridge plate. The guitar sounds great at low to mid volume levels with screaming sustain and pinch harmonics are effortless, but the tone thins out at higher volumes.
Definitely usable, but no thick tone like a LP with humbuckers.
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yeah, it's going to still sound twangy, especially in a tele. they don't cover as wide a portion of the string, so don't sound as fat as normal humbuckers, and the tele bridge (and entire guitar) setup adds to the twang.
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