This is a piece I wrote not too long ago, its use was to be the backing to a movie scene. You can try to guess the scene from what the music feels like, maybe you´ll guess the right one. This piece is not intended for RSE, as it is purely mixed for midi.

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Don't take this the wrong way... but... i just don't get what you've tried to do.
It's basicly just 3 or 4 notes... then pause for a whole bar.. repeat.
no melody, no bassline, no percussion, no real progression.. nothing really happens..
Maybe i'm just missing something here but it didn't do anything for me.
I'm not saying this to be an ass just an honest opinion.
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Well, I do get what you were trying to do. Although it's hard to give this any kind of crit without seeing the scene that it's backing.

As it is, I really like the chords you've chosen and the feel they give off. But overall it's very sparse. Usually in any kind of movie scene there's some kind of progression, like a build up or a release during a scene, but that's not really reflected in what you've done here. I'd strongly suggest adding some other instruments to add atmosphere, play with volume swells, play with instruments like the timpani, cymbals, synth bass and so forth. Adding an instrument to emphasize the chord melodies later on in the piece might also be cool.

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In all honesty, I don't see what you were trying to do at all. There's no tension or build-ups, and all the empty bars just kind of made it worse. This seems more like the backing, that you would put melodies over, in my opinion.

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