i'm pretty sure its doable
but how would go about this?

i just got a ibanez rg10293819something
and well i think i'll probably want to
swap out the pickups for something else, maybe EMGs
and i'm ust curious
how would i go about going from passive to active pickups?
it's entirely possible. you're basically just re-wiring the guitar.

(obviously) you'll need the new pickups, you'll also need new pots, a new jack, and a space to put the battery.

usually there's enough room for the battery in the control cavity with no modifications, but just make sure you've got room before you go ripping things out
you replace them and possibly the pots and add a battery to the circuit is the short answer. judging from your grammar and lack of knowledge of your own guitar, i doubt you're going to do this yourself. just take it to a shop

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