Hello UG!

I'm having some troubles with my amp. The trouble is that my amp's volume dies out while I'm playing, and then in a few second it comes back again. The amp I have is an older Peavey bandit 112 (80wats or sumthing). I have a Korg multieffect pedal in the setup as well.

Could it be some problem with the electric currency or something like that? I only hope that the amp isnt permanently damaged or something, since I just bought it used a couple of months ago.

Thanks in advance to all those who reply!
It could be the electrical current. Those have a solid state power section right? I'm really not sure what it could be but it is possible the amp is just dying to your point.

Maybe get some kind of power conditioner or take it somewhere else that you know has good power and see what happens.
Ok, thanks. I'll look into that. Altho, I'm not too familiar with the terms involved with all these electrics... I'll try to power the amp form another socket and see what happens...

: )
Same problem with mine (likely the same amp). it seems to be the jack on mine, cause fiddling with it fixes the problem temporarily....check the input jack on it

EDIT: mines a studio pro, but all those older peaveys are pretty similarly built... just different features.
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Hmmm, I'll try that. I wonder is it hard to repair it somehow, or maybe taking it to the local store so they could fix it.
Insert jacks are not all that hard to repair. Sometimes it is a matter of bending the contact points back in so they touch the cable jack better, and sometimes it just needs to be resoldered. Since the amp is probably not under any kind of warranty I'd try to fix it yourself before paying someone else to it - if that is the problem.

Thanks for all the help folks!

PS. Changing the socket seemed to help, at least for now. So maybe it wasn't that severe.