I've been playing guitar for a few years now and would say that I am at an intermediate level of playing, and now a little bored of playing on my basic but 'trusty' Yamaha Pacific. I have been looking out for a new guitar and fancy one in a Les Paul Style and found this,

Les Paul Style Vintage V-100

I have looked around the forums and seen some comments on it but no real indication as to whether this is a good guitar for the sort of price range (£200 - £400). If anyone has any comments about this guitar or any other Les Paul Style guitars around this price range then I would really appreciate them

Thanks for reading!
the vintage is supposed to be very good value for money i haven't played one but if i get some time i may pop into a dealer near by me an play one.
i've owned a les paul and they are nice instuments to play, although they are on the heavy side, compared to an sg the les paul is more balanced and it does not go all over the place like the sg
bound to be worth a try at the lower end of your pricerange (try the advances, too), but if you're getting up to more around the £400-£500 mark, MIJ (make sure they're japanese made, the chinese ones will be of similar quality and price to the vintages) tokais are starting to get within range. And if you ask me, that's where I'd be looking.
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