Anyone listen to them? They'll be touring with Hammerfall/Sonata Arctica this year, and I'm going to see them. Should be a blast.


They play video game power metal, which is, as lame as it sounds, way better than Dragonforce.

Dragonforce is good in a "cheesy 80s movie" way, but Powerglove is actually really good.
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too bad you missed the other topic on this but good band none the less
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Pretty big thread on them already, but that one has a bunch of twats arguing that they aren't 'real' metal.

The hell with that, these guys are awesome. Sure, they're a huge gimmick, but sometimes you just gotta have fun. I love how they're unsigned and yet they still get to tour across North America with Sonata Arctica.
I love Powerglove! They combine the two things in this world that I cherish, rock and video games!
i love nintendo and i love metal, mix them together and BAM!!! powerglove is created this band is so good, i got into them a couple of months ago and cant wait for theyre 2 new albums theyre going to release