Well after a two year run with my Rebel20 (great amp), I think I'm ready for a new amp. Before the Egnater, I had a nice JCM 900 50w head, Peavey XXX, Mesa .50 Caliber +, Marshall TSL 60, DSL40 and DSL50 head.
I play in a coverband was getting sick of having to roll the guitar volume back to clean up the Rebel, so I'm wanting a 2 channel amp again and I want on-board reverb.

I want the BEST possible cleans and BEST gain (that you dont need an OD pedal for) for under a grand in a low wattage head including reverb. I already use an OCD on my board, too.
I've been out of the loop for a while and am looking at either a Fender Bandmaster VM or something like that. Also looked at the Fender Super Sonic.
I want a head, not a combo. I have an Avatar open back 2x12 w/ a V30 and G12H

Why not test out the Rebel 30 head. It jusy came out a few weeks ago. It has the two channels, seperate reverb controls for each channel, plus a direct out and silent record feature. The distortion on the Rebel is a little more gainy than the 20 and I also think the cleans are a little better.
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What kind of drive are you looking for? Bandmaster would probably be a decent choice. I haven't played the VM but I LOVE the older blackface Bandmasters. Maybe try going for an older one with spring reverb. I'm not really sure what your budget is but if it's in your range take a look at the Mesa Lonestar.
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Drive-wise, looking for something high gain...definitely smooth but still sounds good when say set at 12 o clock AND dimed.
Traynor is an excellent choice for little cash out of pocket. Have only played the ycv 50 blue tho and that may be a little more watts than you are looking for. Their two year even if you break it warranty is tops.
mesa lonestar or a mesa nomad 45 or 55 is win
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