I recently learned that intervals can be "double augmented," by means of a fluke example in some Theory III homework (There was a Gr6 chord in the key of Bb with a C# rather than a Db because of the voice leading)

So for the sake of WHY NOT, I was curious if x2 is the theoretical "limit" of augmented intervals? For example.. F - D = Major 6th

Enharmonically.. F -> Gbb and, D -> Cx

BUT.. Gbb - Cx is NOT a Major 6th.. it has to be a 4th of some kind, yes? Yes. Now.. ignoring the probability of EVER coming across this issue in an actual piece of music.. would you be able to say:

Gbb - Cx = "Quadruple Augmented 4th" ??

And on the other end of the enharmonic spectrum.. F -> E# and, D -> Ebb.. Again.. NOT a Major 6th.. this time it's an Octave of some sort..

E# - Ebb = "Triple Diminished 8" ??

Just wondering..
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I think I managed to get what you're on about, but I don't think the terminology of triple etc intervals exist, yet I'm tempted to ask my music teachers
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Yeah thats why i said to ignore the chances of ever encountering such a thing... but i wonder if there are any examples out there at all O_O i was just blown away by that double A4 i found in that homework.. and a double flat to a double sharp WOULD be the limit.. so atleast there literally CAN'T be anything beyond my supposed Quad A4 lol
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no that doesn't make sense, what would it be if you transposed it into another key?
I never gave a key to begin with. My issue was whether interval terminology exists beyond "double augmented" (and "diminished") regardless of whether you'll ever see it in real life..
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And infact, the likeliness of encountering the intervals in question is irrelevant. the fact of the matter is, Gbb and Cx are legitimate pitches that can be written as harmonic intervals on a staff, so theoretically there should be a term for that interval. Same goes for E# to Ebb.

Call them whatever you want:
Cbb - Fx, Bbb - Ex, Abb - Dx, all of those are restricted to the interval of a 4th.

Same with these:
F# - Fbb, B# - Bbb, etc.. all of them restricted to the interval of unison or octave.

I'll admit, if I ever see intervals like these in music, I'll quit right then and there- it WON'T happen. But I can draw them on a staff together, so they need a name. Also, i never thought to do Ex - Ebb... guess that'd be a Quadruple d8 lol.
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